MOZERMILK started about 4 years ago (2010). Our first album combined a higher number of instruments which represented an advantage for it widened the scale of our possibilities but a disadvantage as well because it made it difficult to play the songs on stage whithout having to work with other musicians which was materially difficult for us at the time.

    For our second album we tried to limit ourselves to basic instruments to be able to be free to play the songs quite easily and to focus on other aspects such as visual projections and art performances which are part of our stage live.


    Our influences are very diverse coming from all music syles (indie rock, dub, punk, reggae, rock, cold wave, electro...). However our main influence would be indie rock.


    I would describe it as being quite atmospheric and experimental. We try with simple guitar to create an harmony combining it with electronic and everyday life sounds. Laguia's voice comes on top of it all as a connecting link.

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    Vendredi 6 Octobre 2017 à 09:42

    I like your band! It's a great pleasure to listen to your tracks. They are definitely diverse and consonant. 

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