We are preparing a new album, we are late, but we are finishing it

    Nous sommes en train de préparer un nouvel album, du retard, mais nous sommes en train de le finir


    titre du futur album :  MOZERMILK - NEUROTIC EYES

    12 TRACKS 


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    Mercredi 6 Septembre à 18:46

    The new album will include the most current compositions, which will certainly please the fans. We look forward to its release soon.

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    Lundi 11 Septembre à 11:21

    I am pleased to have found your site because it is wanderful to have the information like that. You see that is cool to live like that.

    Vendredi 6 Octobre à 09:37

    Thanks for the notification! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your next album! Keep us informed!

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